The varieties of Thai Sign Language (ThSL) are being used in various parts of Thailand. Varieties also exist in the different communities of signers in Bangkok. ThSL taught by non-native signers to the deaf* in schools is largely influenced by Standard Thai. There is not yet the “standard ThSL” that truly serves its purpose and function as a standardized language for the deaf. Confusions and miscommunications among natives, non-natives and non- signers are acceptable norm in daily life.  
  Thai Sign Language Digital Dictionary is a research project funded by the Kasetsart University Research and Development Institute. Its purpose is to serve as an Assistive Technology (AT) tool based on Linguistic analysis of ThSL and the input of native ThSL signers. Its accessibility online as an AT tool will serve to facilitate communication among natives, non-natives and non-signers.  


* "deaf" in this ThSL digital dictionary means all hearing impaired (both deaf and hard of hearing) who use sign language as either first or second language.